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2022 TEST – ActronAir 2.6kW Serene Series 2 Reverse Cycle Split System

2022 TEST – ActronAir 2.6kW Serene Series 2 Reverse Cycle Split System


Price includes Supply and Standard Installation.
Check below to see what standard installation includes.

Small – 2.6kW Appropriate for bedrooms and small office areas (up to 20sqm).

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If you are not a standard installation, additional charges may apply on the day. Please review the below to see if you are a Standard Back to Back installation and if any additional charges you may incur.

Standard Inclusions for REPS Air Conditioner Installation


All star performer
Serene is one of ActronAir’s most energy efficient air conditioners yet, with our 2.65kW model reaching the highly sought after 7 star energy rating*.
*7 star energy rating applies to WRC-026CS / WRE-026CS combination. Rated under new climate zone SEER rating.
More cooling in extreme heat
With a market-leading operating range of up to 60°c, Serene is guaranteed to keep working in hotter temperatures. Not only that, Serene is also able to maintain far better capacity in extreme heat than comparable systems, which provides you with more cooling comfort right when you need it most.
R32 for efficient energy performance
Serene uses R32 refrigerant – a gas that offers a low Global Warming Potential – reducing its impact on our environment.
AC vs DC for rockin’ efficiency and performance
Serene uses more energy efficient Direct Current (DC) inverter technology in its inverter compressor, indoor fan and outdoor fan. While some competitors use less efficient AC technology, or combinations of both, we choose DC technology as it can make a huge difference to your electricity bill. With an impressive 25 frequency stages, our DC inverter compressor is up to 35% more efficient than AC technology, while Serene’s DC outdoor fan with five speed settings is up to 40% more efficient. The result is improved efficiencies overall, as well as optimal cooling performance at high and low ambient temperatures, and quieter operation on part load.


3D Airflow
3D Airflow provides total comfort coverage, ensuring that airflow is distributed evenly throughout the room for more complete comfort.
Intuitive Proximity Sensor
When activated, the Intuitive Proximity Sensor enables Serene to detect human movement, allowing it to run at reduced capacity when there’s been nobody in the room for 30 minutes. And to ensure you stay comfortable, it’s smart enough to automatically revert back whenever someone re-enters the room.
Sprint Activation for quick comfort
When Sprint Activation is turned on the compressor achieves its maximum frequency quickly, reaching 65hz within 6 seconds from start up, allowing Serene to deliver conditioned air within 40 seconds so you can get comfy fast.


Better control in your hand…
Serene comes with an all-new controller that features a large screen and buttons, all in easy to read ‘plain English’, for more logical and legible daily use.
…on the wall
For those who like a little more control, or those who just keep losing the remote, Serene also has an optional wall mounted wired controller.
…or while you’re away
Available on Apple and Android OS, the optional EasyConnect app allows you to control your Serene system wirelessly via your smart device. Cool your home down as you leave work or check you’ve turned off the air conditioning – it’s all in the palm of your hand.

Terms & Conditions:

*Offer is valid until 30th November 2022 unless sold out prior.
Available in metropolitan Adelaide, climate zones 4-5. Subject to site inspection. Regional areas and properties in Climate zones 6 may be subject to a wait period and additional charges.
Customers must agree to sign a REPS form on completion of the installation to receive the discounted price.
Installation price includes an installation that complies with the AS/NZS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules. Standard installation means a back to back installation that includes up to 3m of pipe and 15m of cable back to the switchboard on a single storey brick veneer home or small business. Switchboard must be adequate to support power requirements of the unit, any extra wiring work or switchboard upgrades will incur additional charges.
Offer applies to new air-conditioner installations and replacements of non working units. The replacement of working units are only eligible for priority group or hardship group households. Priority/Hardship Group Customer is defined as a person who holds one of the following cards: Pension Concession Card, Health Care Card, TPI or War Widows Gold Repatriation Health card, Gold Repatriation Health Card (EDA), a participant in an Energy retailer hardship/concession or payment plan program, a household that is receiving an SA Government Energy Concession, a household that has been referred by a registered member of the SA Financial Counsellors Association (SAFCA) or a household that is a rental property where the weekly rental is not more than $400 per week. If you are a Priority Group customer you will need to provide evidence of your card, rental status or Retailer letter confirming eligibility at the time of booking to receive the discounted rate.
I agree and acknowledge that I will be required to pay balance owing and any extras or variations identified during the site inspection prior to installation commencing.
If a customer changes their mind on location or varies the original installation plan that creates additional labour or costs, they may incur additional charges
If the customer is not at the property to provide access, or the area for installation can not be accessed due to locked doors, blocked walkways or clutter, the customer may be subject to a no access fee of $99 and their job may be cancelled.
Customers will be required to sign a REPS activity form on the day of installation to confirm the works have been completed correctly, if this form is not signed, the REPS can not be claimed and the customer will be liable for the full cost of the system and installation.
If a customer has received a discounted Priority Group rate at the time of booking but cannot provide evidence of their Priority Group eligibility, they will be subject to pay the full general household advertised rates.